Dash Quasar

Dash Quasar (Graduate “Greenlight” project, Team of 8)


  • Genre: Arcade, FPS


  • Description: This was developed for Oculus VR in Unity3D. I was the lead programmer of a team of 8 and in charge of gameplay development, such as boss combat implementation, enemy AI as well as item interactions. Additionally, I contributed to level design and environment creation.Dash Quasar is a VR game about the imaginary games we all played as children with our own friends and siblings. You play as Alex and you are grounded. Your brother, Cris, sits outside your bedroom door to play your favorite imaginary game with you until your mom forces you to stop. The imaginary game is about Dash Quasar, the greatest hero in the universe, and his hacker ally, Colonel Cosmos, and they work together to bring down the evil teddy bear, Dr. Hugs.


  • Role: Game design, Programming (AI, Boss fight state machine, VR items)



Pre-Alpha Demo

Beta Demo

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